House of York is primarily about food. Since my name is York, the idea is what’s going on at my house. I’ll write about what I’m cooking, but I’m what they call an “adventurous beginner,” so need to drawing inspiration from cookbooks, magazines, restaurants, my favorite bloggers, and cooking shows. And I’ll credit all of them. I get very excited about suggestions, so feel free. I’m a Kentuckian with family back there and in Virginia, but I’ve lived in D.C., Los Angeles, and now Chicago, so it’s not all about the South. But I do hope to expose at least a handful of y’all to the delight that is Kentucky beer cheese, and cooking with bourbon.

To add some extra flavor, I’ll also include thoughts from various cultural exploits like museums, operas, symphonies, architecture, and any bands I happen to see. I was actually an opera singer and band member in a past life. Since I’ve chosen a snooty sounding name, I will also feel free to rant about etiquette when it strikes my fancy.

All that said, I have a few constraints. I’m a journalist by day, and will be working hard not to identify, endorse, or when possible, even use ingredients made by companies I cover. If I ever use an item sent to me, I will be noting that in the post, as well as whether it was sent to me for my day job, or this blog. Of course, it’s important to note that the thoughts at HoY are mine, and should have no reflection on my employer.

So please give ‘er a read and let me know what you think!


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